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Big Band Arrangements $60
Parts and Score

Hope and Despair (Josh Evans)
Naima's Love Song (Alto Feature) (John Hicks)
The Jamf's Are Coming (Johnny Griffin)
Thermo (Freddie Hubbard)
Prayer For the Innocent (Josh Evans)
Karita (Bobby Watson)
Miyako (Wayne Shorter)
Little B's Poem (Bobby Hutcherson)
So Long Sterling (Josh Evans)
Valley Land (Walter Bishop)
Mental Phrasing (Roy Hargrove)
Jean De Fleur (Grant Green)
New York (Donald Brown)
Pensativa (Clare Fischer)
You Know I Care (Featured Soloist)(Duke Pearson
Gone But Not Forgotten (Josh Evans)
Fly With the Wind (Mccoy Tyner)
Dream Traveler (Roy Hargrove)
Summer Serenade (Benny Carter)
Albany Ave (Josh Evans)
Good Morning (Josh Evans)
Goodbye (featured soloist)(Gordon Jenkins)
Uranus (Walter Davis Jr)
Criss Cross (Thelonious Monk)

For Tomorrow (Mccoy Tyner)
Elegant People (Wayne Shorter)
Mr. Jin (Wayne Shorter)
On The Ginza (Wayne Shorter)
Sleeping Dancer Sleep On (Wayne Shorter)
E.S.P. (Wayne Shorter)


Big Band with Vocals $60 each

Down Here Below  (Abbey Lincoln)
Social Call (Gigi Gryce)
The Maestro (Cedar Walton)
A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers)
I Wish You Love

Leadsheets- $5 each

Chronic Mistakes
Gone But Not Forgotten
Old World
Lake Superior
Hope And Despair
Prayer For The Innocent
Good Morning
Albany Ave
Ray Mac Left Town
So Long Sterling
Clark Street
Bad Dream

Sextet Arrangements $30 each
(Available in any instrumentation you would like )

Oppening Statement (Booker Little)
Ugetsu (Cedar Walton)
Bearcat (Clifford Jordan)
Bossa DeLuxe (Hank Mobley)
What's Up (Josh Evans)
Bu's Delight (Curtis Fuller)
Park Avenue Petitte (Benny Golson)
Deeds Not Words (Bill Lee)
Third World Express (Kassa)
Book's Bossa (Walter Booker)
ESP (Wayne Shorter)
Ballad For Earnie Washington (Josh Evans)
Dania (Jaco Pastorious)
Believe For It Is True (Billy Harper)
Old World (Josh Evans)

Septet Arrangements $30 each
For Trumpet, Alto, Tenor, Trombone, Piano, Bass and Drums

Prayer For The Innocent (Josh Evans)
Good Morning (Josh Evans)
Afro-Centric (Joe Henderson)
Bad Dream (Josh Evans)
Old World (Josh Evans)
Something Cute (Lee Morgan)
Second Thoughts (Mulgrew Miller)
I Rember Clifford (Benny Golson)
Hindsight (Cedar Walton)
Moontrane (Woody Shaw)
Night Watch (Kenny Dorham)
Una Mas (Kenny Dorham)
Velera (Roy Hargrove)
Nusia's Poem (Gary Bartz)
Blue Spirits (Freddie Hubbard)
Our Man Higgins (Lee Morgan)
Jean Marie (Ronnie Mathews)
With Soul (Josh Evans)
Jodi (Walter Davis Jr)
Clockwise (Cedar Walton)
Beatnik (Josh Evans)
Gone But Not Forgotten (Josh Evans)
Song For My Queen (Idris Hotep Galetta)